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The Chronicles of the Disciples Walk

The Spirit Made Me Do It R. P. Amos The Chronicles of the ?Disciple?s Walk? are various exhortations. The goal is to encourage the believer in the Lord Jesus to follow Him according to His Word rather than tradition or popular thinking. Many are familiar with the worldly saying, ?the devil made me do it.?…

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Prerequisites To Worship

Steve Hulshizer Worship is not some difficult, complex, sophisticated religious activity which is limited to a few elite saints. It is to be the portion of all believers. Worship is simply bowing before the Lord and expressing His worthiness to be worshiped. (Rev.5:8) Now worship goes beyond the wonderful fact that Jesus died for us.…

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Lots Choice

By Donald L. Norbie There had been some strife between Abraham’s herdsmen and Lot’s herdsmen. Their flocks and herds were growing and there was competition for pasture. Abraham generously told Lot to choose the area where he wished to live; there was plenty of room for both of them and their livestock.

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