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Genesis Days -tmp(Gen 1)

I should acknowledge that on this text, interpretations differ. And here I don’t speak of the theistic interpretation versus a naturalistic interpretation, but rather between Christians who look at the Bible as inspired, inerrant and profitable. That being said it would behoove any believer to tread lightly when considering tearing an alternate interpretation of this text as being worldly or Satanic. We can agree that these things are true—but our interpretations may be false. That being the case, here are some views, with their Scriptural support and their inherent problems.

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The Universe Next Door (Sire)

This review is on the Second Edition of the book, copyright
1988. The fourth edition
does include a major update (a carry over from the third edition)—an entire section on post-modernism and if
you’re looking to read a copy of the book that would be the one.

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The Genesis -tmp(Gen 1:1)

So when coming to {{Genesis 1}}, we are immediately impressed
upon the activity of God. The Bible makes no apologies as the main (if you will
and said) actor of the Bible is introduced with the mind-boggling words: “In
the beginning God”.

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Retro, Metro, Heteros

Picking up a link from Challies A La Carte feature, I wond up getting exposed to a discussion about a culture war happening with God-Bloggers. Marla
offers the chart not so much as a definition of the bloggers Challies
and iMonk (as some may have taken it to be) or even as supporting one
side over the other—but merely to show that most bloggers have areas of
interest that lie in both categories.

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Creation’s Custodian

Just some pictures from the zoo that super impressed me regarding man
and his responsibility over creation. I have pictures of the kids
(which you can get to via that little script on the bottom right hand
part of the page or via this link) but I had to post these up.