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Gamepro, The Matrix and the Gospel

I can’t believe it. I was flipping through the October Issue #205 of Gamepro magazine
to see how I can mold some of our ads to better fit in that medium when
I crossed an article about the Matrix that just blew my mind.


Why Study Genesis

Evolution has caused tremendous damage to the Biblical
account. Not so much the actual theory which can be studied and subsequently
denied (or supported) depending on how you lean with the evidence. I mean in
the sense of what it has done to studying the Bible.


Uplook Fridays: That Sweetening Influence

At this point in
history, Israel
was a redeemed people ({{Ex 15:25}}). Slavery’s chains had been broken, and their foes
overwhelmed in the waters of the Red Sea. They
were led into a new and living way, which God had opened for them through the
place of death. Then they sang praises to God for so great a deliverance. After
three days’ journey, however, without finding water, they came to Marah, where
there was water; but so bitter they could not drink it. There are a few lessons
we may learn from this.


Some Study Notes On Genesis

Here’s some notes from my studies on Genesis. They are in no way
fleshed out but I put them up in an effort to update them as I go
along. That being said, the HTML may be a bit fuzzy and there may be
other posts that come out added to this. It will not preempt my Romans
series but it will reinforce some of the things I’ll be saying when I
get to Romans 14.


Here and There and Maybe Back Again

Comparing notes on those two surveys I had up, I think
anyone can draw some fairly interesting conclusions albeit unsurprising
ones. So let’s talk through the polls and walk through my wandering