An Open Letter to My Children: Should Christians Support {Blank} Marriage?

Jesus’ Mission

Let me tell you what Jesus, the Son of God, taught.

People might be saying a whole mess of things about Jesus. I know they’re saying it in mine. Jesus had no problem with this or that. Or Jesus would have supported this or that. Or out of all the things Jesus dealt with, he spent most of his time dealing with hypocrisy. They’ve probably even thought up more stuff to say by the time you’re reading this.

What they keep ignoring is that Jesus, the Truth7, was on a mission and his mission was to perfectly represent God the Father8 to a people who were turned away from Him, to then be rejected, pinned to the cross9, and to rise again from the dead as the same person who went into the grave10 but now with complete authority11.

In other words, Jesus didn’t come down here to straighten things up. He didn’t come down to fix our tax codes, or our education system, or our constant need for war, or even our constant hunt for what we want. He didn’t come to fix marriages or government. He came to rescue people from this system of death under sin by making them aware that they were under that system in the fact that they rejected him12.

But that doesn’t mean he was okay with this or that. After pointing out the hypocrisy of men itching to stone an adulteress he made sure to tell the woman that she was to stop her sinning13. He was never okay with it.

He wasn’t going out of his way to deal with every detail of our problems since the problem was more basic.

It’s sort of like going into a house and worrying about the paint, or the crown moldings, or how the cabinetry is crooked, or the fact that the roof needs a lot of work when the problem is that the house is rotting.

That’s not to say that these things (pedophilia, bestiality, and polygamy) are mere side issues that you can ignore; He would deal with questions people asked him but that wasn’t the Big Picture.

Christ’s work was specifically tied to saving humanity. That means that dealing with this or that sin wasn’t the main problem. The problem was that people, as unbelievers, were already condemned and dying underneath the sin system.

Going back to the rotting building, imagine that the reason it’s rotting (and all that other stuff is going on with the paint and moldings and cabinetry) is because it’s on fire and the entire structure has been compromised. It’s all fire rot.

It doesn’t merely need renovations. It needs to get overhauled and rebuilt.

That’s how bad it is.

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