An Open Letter to My Children: Should Christians Support {Blank} Marriage?

Our Mission

But his rescue mission didn’t mean that we have no mission. He wasn’t coming to take people out of this place. He came to rescue people because the whole system is being replaced but he left people here with a purpose14.

Our future is not a bunch of people in clouds; we’ll be people living here in a new and fixed world15. We won’t have the problem of tears. Or death. We’ll have bodies that can properly enjoy this new place. So this place, this world that we’re rescued from, is the very same locale where the future world will be. That’s partially why Christians and Non-Christians are still here.

Another reason why Christians are still here is because of the growing Kingdom. The place is still collapsing but not yet overhauled because of what Jesus did at the cross but also what he now does at the right hand of the Father. As a King who is currently reigning, he gives opportunity for more people to be saved.

We’re to live in this world, not like we’re part of it but as people who represent the coming Kingdom while teaching and making disciples of our reigning king16.

So we’re rulers in training for the coming world and we’re co-heirs of the king that is in charge right now. Everything here, especially what we do, matters.

That means that I, as a Christian, have to stand up and point out that this entire system is coming down, but at the same time, while interacting with others, I have to point out that their actions are not actions that are allowed in God’s coming kingdom. I have to point out where this world is doing wrong but also have to ask forgiveness for how Christ’s fellow rulers have done wrong. I have to point out the sinfulness in the system while simultaneously highlighting how the system should look. Merely pointing to law does not do this; it entails underscoring fundamental morals.

I don’t do it to be nitpicky. ¬†Pointing out wrong by saying what is right is God’s way to tell people they need him17. It sometimes is God’s way rescue people from this burning house18.

I’m not sorry then if this all sounds old-fashioned to you. I just hope that you take some minutes to consider the New Fashion that’s coming looks something like the way things were fashioned of old. Yeah, that’s confusing, but I’ll get to that.

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