An Open Letter to My Children: Should Christians Support {Blank} Marriage?

Kids, you guys are growing up fast and you’re starting to see things with your own point of view. I’m not sure I’ve done my best raising you. I’m not sure any parent feels sure about that.

We parents give it a go and we pray that we haven’t messed up too badly. We ask that God is merciful. We keep praying for your protection and that God allows you guys to do better.

And the reason is clear: we’re afraid that you guys will follow too closely to our (often poor) example. We’ve messed up. We’ve been angry. We’ve made you cry. And then we realize our mess-ups years later: too late.

You guys are young right now. Too young for me to be talking about some of the stuff that I’m going to write in this long letter. God willing, I’m still around when you guys are old enough for us to be talking about this stuff but, even if I’m not, I want to leave you this letter.

The world has been changing pretty fast in recent years. People say things like “we must show tolerance” but then become very intolerant1: against religious things, especially Christian things. Some people aren’t allowed to post job openings2; other people can get fired for saying some of these things. Right now people have even been cleaning their online accounts to make sure that they don’t get turned down from jobs just because of what they believe. 

I’ve been seeing more and more Christian people not wanting anything to do with traditional beliefs3. People are changing the meaning of things that have been believed by the Church as a whole and pushing it on other people without their knowing. Some Christians in Christian schools have been making groups against the school’s position4. Then there’s the mess of other Christians who are just itching to get a new opinion.

With the Internet in my day, they don’t have far to go to find one.

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