Must Churches Have Small Groups (A Small Groups Ministry for Growth, Discipleship and Fellowship)?

An Examination of Small Groups Argument

(1) “Small Groups”; is not mentioned but is Biblical. It is true that the idea of “Small Groups”; cannot be marked as wrong based on not being stated in Scripture. It is correct that the Trinity is not mentioned by name in Scripture but it is outright Scriptural.

Beside that, merely being not mentioned doesn’t make something wrong. Bagels with Cream Cheese are also not mentioned but that doesn’t make them wrong. Maybe they’re wrong for my diet but they don’t have a moral or theological component of wrongness.

The question, technically speaking, is not even if a SGM is wrong. The real question is if the concept of Small Groups Within Broader Groups is a necessary and Biblical model actually recommended in Scripture?

After all, the term “Trinity”; summarizes, or rather uses semiotic symbols that house the meaning that the symbols aim to convey. In other words, the fact that the Bible teaches that there is one God and that this One God is specified as Three Persons necessitates a shorthand label found in the term “Trinity”;. So any examination of Small Groups (and by extension SGMs) shouldn’t resort to justification by name being found or not-found in Scripture; rather search if the Scriptures are actually endorsing their necessity.

So this argument really doesn’t say anything pertinent to the subject.

(2) Small Groups echo the Triune small group. It is true that God is Trinity: three persons in community. It is also true that each member of this community is in a relationship with one another. But that is not the only thing important about the trinity.

God’s perfect small group consists of three members, therefore should all small groups consist of 3 members?

Or maybe, it is also true that each member of the trinity is infinitely profound. No single finite being can be infinitely profound. Therefore we need an infinite amount of finite beings to adequately image the profound relationship of the triune Godhead: an argument for a large group.

Perhaps, neither of those is right. Since God is actually One Being in Multiple Persons, the way we reflect that image is by being One Church made up of Multiple Persons who relate to one another in love.

But beside all that, does this dehumanize people who are not part of a small group ministry? What if you’re a single person who spends his time alone—does that mean that the individual is no longer a bearer of the image of God?

Surely the SGMP will say that I am oversimplifying their theological argument but  I’m exactly doing the opposite. Arguing from the trinity to support a specific model in this regard is fraught with loads of interpretative data. We don’t have any Scripture that makes a point of highlighting that Small Groups are made in the Image of the Triune God but we have a theological leap being made to bridge the gap.

This argument just seems hollow and way too malleable to be of any good.

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