Must Churches Have Small Groups (A Small Groups Ministry for Growth, Discipleship and Fellowship)?

(6) Small groups got together in the home-meetings. This doesn’t really show that the early Church had two types of meeting; it just shows that the church sometimes met at the temple and sometimes they met in homes. Sometimes they met near (or at Acts 3:1-3; or in Acts 2:45) the temple, and sometimes they met in homes (Acts 2:46). As you get further out from central meeting places they kept meeting in homes—but not as small groups but as assemblies (1 Cor 16:19; Acts 20:20; Romans 16:5; Col 4:15). Sometimes these small assemblies gathered for big events (Acts 20:20); Sometimes, some smaller groups even tried to meet in the temples of other gods (1 Cor 8:9-10).

The fact is that once the Jews repulsed the Gospel, the Church wound up having to not meet in the temple or synagogues at all. Paul would go and argue in synagogues to unbelieving Jews but then he’d go and meet with the church who met at the river or at the house or wherever.  This shows that (1) the assembly of believers is not restricted to any building (John 4:21-24) and possibly (2) the assembly of believers should be as a group small enough to fit in a home even if that necessarily isn’t the case and maybe (3) this house church isn’t really under the leadership of a greater unifying Mega Church. In other words, the Church that meets at X home isn’t a small group from the greater church that meets at an official building but it is actually the assembly of the Church that meets there in that house.  They break bread there. They have elders there. They are not a subset of another place that has the real elders.

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