Must Churches Have Small Groups (A Small Groups Ministry for Growth, Discipleship and Fellowship)?

An Equally Unconvincing Argument for Mega-Churches

In an effort at showing how someone can take the opposite position and project it as Biblical, I want to quickly sketch a possible argument. The reason I do this isn’t because I believe it, but rather because at this point it seems that that is exactly what this Small Groups Are Biblical thing is doing.  So here’s Seven Perfect Points for A Mega Church.

  • Perfect Point 1: Big Church Groups are actually in Scripture unlike Small Church Groups. Although the word “Big Church”; isn’t there God’s mandate to man was to multiply. Small groups goes against that repeated mandate (Gen 1:28; 9:1; Psalms 127:3-5)
  • Perfect Point 2: Jesus continued the pattern by commanding that his church grow. (Matthew 13:31 -32). Indeed, a sign that the church is blessed is that the Church has grown (Acts 11:21)
  • Perfect Point 3: Jesus wants a full house and is willing to go out of his way to ensure that it is filled (Luke 14:23).
  • Perfect Point 4: The Early Church was large. We see that the first church had 3,000 members (Acts 2:41) and as they met, it got bigger (Acts 4:4; 6:7). Small groups are antithetical to largeness.
  • Perfect Point 5: A large church is a mini-picture of heaven, which consists of a multitude of every nation and tribe (Rev 7:9). Indeed, a large church is not homogenous like smaller groups.
  • Perfect Point 6: The World notices a large church. They stand out as an obvious place where Christians are.
  • Perfect Point 7: Only a large church has the practical means to provide robust fellowship, a wide range of teaching, and countless opportunities for evangelism within a thriving community.

Well, I think these are all pretty weak and they suffer from the same thing that the SGPs argument suffers from: no real Biblical support but a sort of casual proof-texting under the pseudo-header of “Biblical Principle”;.

At this point, I think I can approach my conclusion.

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