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Jell-O Christians Standing on the Promises of God

I get a bit depressed when I read {{Hebrews 11}}. Anybody who?s a long-time Christian is acquainted with the list of the Bastions of Faith. Sometimes non-Christians have heard of Hebrews 11 when we say ?By faith we understand that the world was framed by the word of God?. The way the chapter is renowned just makes it all the more depressing because I know the quality of my faith.

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A Tale of Two Creation Accounts -tmp(Gen 2:4)

Upon entering {{Genesis 2:4}} we encounter another problem. Why is the writer of Genesis giving us a second creation account? Didn?t he just cover all of creation in the first section? Why introduce this section with those same words?

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The Point of Genesis 1 -tmp(Gen 1)

So what does it all mean? How do those different interpretations of the Genesis days affect the reading of the text? How do we consider the passage in light of those interpretations?

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The Genesis -tmp(Gen 1:1)

So when coming to {{Genesis 1}}, we are immediately impressed
upon the activity of God. The Bible makes no apologies as the main (if you will
and said) actor of the Bible is introduced with the mind-boggling words: “In
the beginning God”.


Theolo-Lunch: Trinitarianism and the Imago Dei

In the past I’ve had wrestling matches with illustrations or analogies that would help understand the Tri-unity. All of the illustrations seemed to have a major flaw and it’s understandable that a finite metaphor breaks down when it comes to God. I’ll need your help in finding out at what point this illustration comes apart from reality.