Knowing that Our Triune God is Jealous

When people are jealous, we usually sin. But not always. A woman who knows her husband’s eyes are being drawn away to another is rightly jealous! In that same way, God is so deeply connected to us that His concern for us is rightly, infinitely, jealous.

  • God warns the Israelites not to worship other gods because He is jealous. (Ex 20:5; Ps 78:58)
  • God warns that He so loves His people that His name is Jealous (Ex 34:14)!

God’s jealousy is a perfect, direct outworking of His perfect love—a godly jealousy (2 Cor 11:2). This is why, God, in all three persons is provoked when we’re pulled away.

  • Our Lord Jesus can be provoked to jealousy when we partake of demon’s doctrine and actions (1 Cor 10:21-22).
  • The Holy Spirit is provoked to grieve when we don’t walk worthy of our calling and redemption (Eph 4:30)
  • God the Father can be provoked to wrath when the Spirit of grace is insulted, and the Son of God is trampled underfoot (Heb 10:31)

This is a difficult doctrine but, when reflecting on His infinite grace and love toward us, it totally makes sense.


Knowing that Our Triune God is Awesome and Wonderful

Sometimes we can only describe something by the affect it produces in us. It is where attribute language isn’t enough. In the Bible, God allows this same description to be recorded. Although He makes himself known, God transcend us. Some descriptions, therefore, are so beyond us, that we can only stand in awe, slack-jawed, and wonder. This is why the Bible also describes Him as awesome and wonderful: He is praised for being completely and amazingly beyond.

  • God is the great and awesome God (Deut 7:21; 10:17)
  • God’s name is awesome (Deut 28:58; Psalm 111:9; Neh 1:5; 9:32) and wonderful (Judges 13:18; Isaiah 9:6
  • God is awesome above all things (Ps 89:7; Dan 9:4)
  • God is awesome in praises (Exo 15:11) so people stand in awe (Psalm 22:23)
  • God’s works are awesome (Psalm 66:3) and wonderful (Jer 2:2; Psalm 145:5; Matt 21:15)

You see how language falters? The only thing you can do is be in awe and worship. This follows New Testament pattern evidenced at the end of Paul’s letters. A pattern of reflecting on the wonder of God and writing a praise and worship to him: “How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”

Our God is an awesome God

He reigns from heaven above

With wisdom, power, and love

Our God is an awesome God