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Romans Series

This post is home to my study in Romans.

Introduction: Romans, where God, the Defendant, is Justified. Overview of the main theme of the book.

  1. Slave of Christ (pt 2) A bit about the Author, the mouth of the Defense.
  2. Son of God with Power: The Defense’s Pre-amble. Reading the text with understanding.
  3. Living by Faith: The Defense’s Main Point in justifying God introduced and reading the text by looking at the historical reference of the passage.
  4. Progression of Rejection: God’s wrath on the unrighteous heathen defended and reading the text by looking at the progression of thought.
  5. Being a Good Person: God’s wrath on the moralist defended while examining the progressive nature of the argument
  6. The Jews’ Treachery: God’s wrath on the Jew and looking at how a text can be misappropriated
  7. Crime and Poetry: God’s right to judge defended and an introduction to the exegesis of poetic passages.
  8. To Rhyme or Not To Rhyme: Poetic passages and the danger of interpreting them as not being poetry simultaneously damning infants to hell and God being glorified for it.
  9. Man’s Doom and God’s Answer: The Defense’s summation of God’s right to judge sinful man and the introduction to the working power of salvation for men reflecting God’s righteousness defended when he justifies sinners.
  10. What is faith according to Romans 4?
  11. Case Law: Established case of God declaring righteous through faith instead of by works
  12. Case Law and the Gentiles: how the Law in Romans 4 is not violated.
  13. Effective Belief: The Defense’s culmination of the first line of defense. God’s right to judge stands as does his love in declaring a sinner righteous.(Romans 5:1-11)
  14. Rejoice in Tribulation: an exegetical response to a limitation on tribulation in Romans 5:3
  15. Justification’s Hole: God’s righteousness in the mind introduced (Rom 5b)
  16. Adam and Us: a look at concepts of Adam’s headship over humanity.
  17. Federal Headship vs. Covenant Solidarity: a look at “All Sinned”
  18. Reckon Yourself Dead (Romans 6): God’s legal ruling and the ability to live thereof
  19. The Dilema of Law (Romans 7): The inability of man to live righteously beneath the Law…no matter what legal ruling.
  20. The Dawning Future in the Present of the individual.
  21. The Surpassing of Law (Romans 8 ): The Spiritual work that operates at a higher level than law.
  22. An Overview of the Series to date: Patterns, themes and what not
  23. Back to the Study: Looking at the method
  24. The Problem of the Jews (Romans 9): An introduction to the historical defense of why the Jews do not believe
  25. God’s Word Stands (Romans 9:1-9): A Survey of Jewish History and God’s promise of a seed.
  26. The Reason Why God’s Word Stands (Romans 9:10-15)
  27. Mercy versus Harden (Romans 9:16-18)
  28. No Mercy for the Non-Elect? What is Romans 9 actually argueing about, anyway?
  29. Potter and the Clay (Part 1 of 3) Romans 9
  30. Potter Works the Clay (Part 2 of 3) Romans 9
  31. The Potter’s Clay (Part 3 of 3) Romans 9
  32. Righteousness Unattained Romans 9 and 10
  33. God’s Undiluted Salvation : reflecting Paul’s pure gospel that is meant for the unsaved (Romans 10)
  34. Why is Israel Not Saved? (Part 1 of 5)
  35. Why is Israel Not Saved? (Part 2 of 5)
  36. Why is Israel Not Saved? (Part 3 of 5)
  37. Why is Israel Not Saved? (Part 4 of 5)
  38. Why is Israel Not Saved? (Part 5 of 5)
  39. The Olive Tree: Corporate Branches (Romans 11)
  40. The Olive Tree: A Future for Israel (Romans 11)
  41. The Olive Tree: Israel’s Identity (Romans 11)
  42. The Olive Tree: One Salvation (Romans 11)
  43. Living Sacrifices
  44. Measure of Faith Revealed
  45. Measure of Faith in the Body
  46. Measure of Faith with Enemies
  47. Measure of Faith Toward the Government
  48. Measure of Faith with the Doubtful
  49. Measure of Faith in Convictions
  50. Measure of Faith in Gentile Hands

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The book of Romans is one of my favorite books, next to the book of Jude. I especially like chapter eight. There is therfore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

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