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C.S.Lewis: Modern Translations of the Bible

This material is Copyright © 1970 by the Trustees of the Estate of C.S. Lewis, All Rights Resered. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number, 70-129851 from God in the Dock Essays on Theology and Ethics Edited by Walter Hooper. I have placed it here for storage purposes since this section of my copy of the book is falling apart and as such I tried to keep as much of the original paragraph breaks, Brittish-isms and footnotes although I incorporated those into the text within brackets. I thought the essay spoke to Today particularly well. You can also see some of Lingimish’s comments here, here and here.

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Luther, the Jews and Christian Dirty Laundry

Airing dirty laundry is pretty nasty when your neighbors peek out the back window and see the stains and filth. But, for our own purposes, it helps get rid of the stench and hopefully, puts the stuff to light to expose how bad the stains are. In our Christian home we extol the virtues of Martin Luther and gloss over some of the other stuff he’s done or said chalking it up to age or uninformed. Here’s a quote from Martin Luther’s book "On the Jews and Their Lies" or rather Von den Juden und ihren Lügen which is outright wrong in it’s approach to the Jews and completely antithetical to Paul’s thinking. Forgive me for posting it, but this is for my records. The full book is here.Remember I am QUOTING and I by no means agree with Luther on what’s below.

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Allow Some Alls to Mean All

In an effort to prove that God’s atonement is limited to elect individuals some Calvinists have taken to highlight the context of enemy camp proof-texts to show how the “all” contained in those verses refers to a limited group. That’s fine to do; context always defines a word so when I shout at the guests who have overstayed their welcome with “all people in my house; get out” I am not referring to all the people in the world nor am I including myself or my immediate family in the statement—I’m referring to the guests. The context restricted the meaning of the words and the fact that Calvinists point that out is to be applauded.

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Richard Dawkins: The God Shaped Hole

“Sexual abuse is disgusting, but it’s not as harmful as the grievous mental harm of bringing children up Catholic in the first place.” I’ve copied the rest of the article below to save it in case it disappears. (Originally posted here and HT to Jeremy).