Quotables: Inspiration of the Original Autographs

[singlepic id=16 w=650 float=center] Every now and then I like posting something incisive that was written in the past because it speaks so well into the present. The sweet thing about this is that these guys, who are often waved away today, have dealt with a lot of the same issues while remaining simultaneously (by […]


No, I haven’t quit blogging. Yes, I still have the Christian Carnival database. Yes, it still has been going on. Yes, more articles are coming. I’m just in the process of doing some backend stuff that necessitates me not updating the mysql database. That’s just geek talk for: Stay Tuned for your Regularly Scheduled Programming.

Was Jesus Upset About Santa? (Just Like You)

The other day a fellow brother in the Lord was thinking through some things. He wondered if Jesus ever believed something that wasn’t true and was he upset when he found out it wasn’t true. Specifically, he wondered what happened to Jesus when he found out that Santa wasn’t real. Since error in knowledge is […]