15 Words Blog Party

This is part of a fun Blog Party that Lorna
is holding over at her site. The project is to use these specific 15
words and put them into a story format. Try your hand at it and check
the others out over yonder. Here’s my submission.

incessantly, vibration, apple, reaching, professional,
immaculate, seawater, blush, wondering, manufacture, quivery,
desperate, straw, separated, tendrils

I find myself wondering where I am. I’ve been sitting in this place listening to an odd vibration incessantly pulsating through the lower levels of my prison. The empty husk of an apple lies nearby, perhaps on the straw (or so I think it to be) that I call my seat. I have long left the desperate plans of escape behind and have entered into the immaculate freedom found only in my mind. There, face a blush with laughter, I find myself reaching beyond this present darkness and standing at the edge of the seawater separated forever from this bleak present. I traipse along those sandy shores staring at the manufacture of my mind—glistening white and yellows on the foam of the eternal sea. I am quivery with joy as I traverse that golden landscape until tendrils of darkness start to eat away at my imagination. I devolve quickly, pulled from my freedom and left, once more, a professional behind a cubicle wall answering the ringing phone.


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