A Case For Dispensationalism Series

This is a collection of posts making a case for Dispensationalism.

  1. Words Are Special
  2. Words Are Useless
  3. Unwrapped Reads
  4. Reader’s Underwear
  5. Love Letters
  6. One Story House
  7. Motivating Factors
  8. What About The Big Author?
  9. Making A Literal Mess of Things
  10. Keyser Soze, Gandalf, and the Unifying Principle
  11. Hermeneutics and Judah’s Sceptre
  12. Words And Romans
  13. Thematic Patterns in Genesis
  14. Abraham: The Hinge Point of Genesis
  15. Making Promises to Abraham
  16. Keeping Promises to Abraham
  17. Bird’s Eye View of Promises
  18. Excluded Seed And Abraham
  19. On Examining A Story


  1. Why I Think Our Words Matter
  2. Is There A Covenant of Works?
  3. Timeline of Israel
  4. Guest Blogs: The Crux
  5. Series on Romans
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