A Hellish Week

This will serve as the series home for my posts on Hell.

  1. Philosophical Responses to the Denial of Hell (Hell? Oh!)
  2. An examination of Sheol in the Old Testament (What the Sheol?)
  3. An examination of Gehenna, Hades (etc.) in the New Testament (Get the Gehenna Out of Here?)
  4. A theological response to Christian deniers of the doctrine of Hell (Hell?  No?)
  5. Several broad theological reasons we should hold to the doctrine of Hell (Hell? Yeah.)
  6. Unanswered questions that I don’t think should force us to lose this doctrine. (What About Hell I Don’t Know)
  7. A partial retraction: Gehenna is not a garbage dump or a place to burn cadavers (Ah, Gehenna: Rey Didn’t Start That Fire) but it is still the place I mentioned where people were sacrificed to Molech.
  8. Grudem: “Did Christ Descend Into Hell?”
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