Who Is Satan, the Devil, the Prince of Darkness?

Pleased to Meet You, Do You Know The Name of Satan? Either Satan gets blamed for almost everything or ignored as if he doesn’t exist. Known by many names—the Devil (Matt 5:1), Belial (2 Cor 6:15), Beelzebul (Matt 10:25)—that basically describe his character. So when we see names like The Evil One (Matt 13:19), the […]

Satans Dual Objectives: A Worldly Messiah And A Worldly Church

By Bob Gessner As one examines the New Testament, it becomes evident that Satan had two primary objectives in this world, among many more perhaps less evident. (1) To tempt the Messiah to conform to the image of the worldly Jewish religious thinking of His time. (2) To influence the church so that it conforms […]