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Announcing Voices For Christ

I am proud to announce Voices For Christ, an online resource
offering sermons in a digital audio format and partially re-mastered for your
listening pleasure. My role in the project has been immensely small but a
certain Dwight Beavers has spent countless hours doing the conversion and
re-mastering. Many of the speakers are Brethren and you may recognize some of
the speakers but if anything, it is quite the resource. I like to listen to the
Bible or Preaching when I’m driving in the car. With the investment of a cheap
30 dollar mp3 player I can fit about 100 messages on a single cd! This site lets
you download the audios for free or compile a cd and they’ll burn it for you. The
library may change per month due to bandwidth issues, but there you go…the
Voices For Christ! I put them under Brethren resources.

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