Being Memed and Linkage

Well, Jerry and Sozo BOTH memed me. For the sake of other bloggers I will not
meme you but if you so wish you can leave a comment, take the meme and run with
it and link back to me (or not). This way the meme doesn’t outright die and can
continue to be propagated like the online virus it is. I will also include some
cool links throughout the meme to make it a bit more snazzy.

Three screen names that you have had: reybeez,
biblearchive and reyzorblayd. I may have some other 1ne’s but I’m not saying.

Three things you like about yourself: My extra weight, my ability to
look at things objectively, my confidence.

Three things you don’t like about yourself: My extra weight, my penchant
for looking at things objectively, my pride.

Three parts of your heritage: Dominican. Natives of Hispanola (I guess
since the Dominican republic
was discovered) and Spaniard (since someone attacked the natives).

Three things that scare you: People happily on their way to hell,
existentialist hedonism and Hyper Calvinism.

Three of your everyday essentials: Studying anything, hugging family, remembering
to take off contacts

Three things you are wearing right now: Boxers. Jeans. Flesh.

Three of your favorite songs: Shout to the Lord, In Immanuel’s Land, the
Imperial March

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months: finishing my
book (again), redesigning my personal site, putting up an online comic

Three things I want in a relationship: I have it. Love. Respect.

Two truths and a lie: I need to get in gear. I need to get sleep. I love
baby puke on a new shirt.

Three things you can’t do without: Things is the clincher. Therefore, A
computer, a pencil and paper.

Three places you want to go on vacation: Hawaii,
Dominican Republic, Europe.

  • a guy who figured out how to cool
    his truck

Three things you just can’t do: be patient with open stupidity, purposefully
slack off on a design, focus on grammatical perfection.

Three kids’ names: Josias, Elayna, Anakin—I must try again!

Three things you want to do before you die: See faithful men so that I
can pass on what I’ve learned, learn Greek and Hebrew, publish my trilogy.

Three Celeb crushes: goodness. Rena Sofer. Jennifer Connoly. Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Total books owned, ever : I don’t have a clue. I have 6 seven foot
bookshelves filled to the brim (that means each shelf is doubled rowed with
books). I’ve thrown away about two bookshelves of books since I’ve been in this
apartment alone. When I lived at home I threw away cartons of books. I even
work for a direct mail company which deals with publishing so….

Last book I bought : DA Carson’s Exegetical Fallacies. It was highly
recommended and after a quick skim it looks like a lot of common sense stuff.
We’ll see after I read it.

Last book I read : AP Gibbs “Christian Baptism” and halfway through
Luther’s Commentary on Romans.

Five Books that mean a lot to me :

  • The Bible. (66 Books, no
    fair! Okay, fine. Romans, John, Numbers)
  • True to the Faith by David
  • The Lord of the Rings J.R.R.
  • Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
  • Word Studies in the Greek NT
    by Kevin Wuest (what a cheat! 4 volumes!)

Tag 5 people: Watch this trick. I tag Jeremy, Adrian, David, Hugh and MCF. I know MCF answered MEME1 but I wonder who is wearing the red shirt for MEME2…



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