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The Best Of 2013

I didn’t write as much as I would like this year. Not apologizing to my individual reader about that, just making a factual statement. Anyway, here is my top five: three from this year, and two top rankers.

  1. My examination of the Pearl Method topped the charts due to a trial conviction. Hopefully parents will stop using this abusive, theologically flawed, and biblically shallow method. 
  2. The question of Christians rejoicing over the death of the wicked continues to be a top-linker.
  3. Sometimes Christians have pat answers to questions and these take some teasing out. Here I tried to answer the question “Should Christians ever be afraid?
  4. I don’t own a gun and (most likely) never will. In fact, for my situation, I don’t think I should have a gun. But the question of Christian supporting guns is more difficult than at first blush.
  5. I was (and am) incensed by the monster Kermit Gosnell and even though he plead out from the death penalty and got life instead, I would hope that the contents of this case are emblazoned in the minds of people—especially Christians.

And as a bonus here is a link to a picture of a mean burger I made this year. Caramelized onions, angus beef, four cheese, lettuce, tomato, everything bread with garlic butter. Boo yah.  

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