Christ: The Purpose of a Driven Church

Is the Church the hope of the world? What is the purpose of
the Church? What are the guiding principles of the Church? I?m not going to
answer those questions, just link to a bunch of good articles that deal
tangentially with this. I may get to the question later but I have a lot on my plate right now.

  • Survey of Bible Doctrine: The Church by Sid Litke
  • Bob Deffinbaugh gives us an Introduction to the New Testament Church
  • This site is simply occupied with Christ
  • Donald L. Norbie strike a pleasant chord of assembly harmony
  • Steve Hulshizer surveys the marks of a New Testament church
  • A tale of two churches by Mark Frees
  • John Scarsbrook has two pieces on fellowship in the local church here and here
  • John Ritchie takes a look at assembly privileges
  • Alfred P. Gibbs talks about the importance of New Testament principles in a local gathering in an essay where he talks about why he meets among those known as the Brethren.

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