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Christian Carnival 175 is Up At The Bible Archive

They’ve gone and let me do the Christian Carnival again and this time I went all Trekkie on it; go check it out.

My wife says it’s painful how geeky I am yet I never feel any pain. That aside, I’ve gone and done this: The Star Trek Edition of the Christian Carnival. You see, The Web is far from the final frontier but we have voyaged into the furthest nether regions of the Godblogosphere with our continuing mission to find new subscribers, to seek out new comment threads and instant popularity, to boldly post on what no one has posted before. ::queue music:: (fyi: I didn’t put this in order; I just placed it in first come, first category which stinks for the latecomers. Tongue out )

{mosimage}The Q Continuum is known for their extreme power and their strict rules: one is known for constantly bothering a certain Picard.

She didn’t submit, but it was a good post and I submitted it: rebecca’s seven statements about the Son focusing on Him as creator .

Rodney (The Journey) wonders if bestsellerThe Secret has anything to offer us?

Nathanael takes a look at the personally customizable, downright accommodating and tolerant Jesus over at Despair and Coffee.

Eileen Carroll grew up in an independent, separatist fundamental environment but now she’s free.

Rory thinks that everyone believes in God – some children are just angry at their parents. The Father becomes the object of misdirected anger.

{mosimage}Klingons are known for their sense of honor and their fierce leaning toward blood and battle. Darren (Historical Theology) proposes a solution for bridging the theological gap growing gap between academia and the local church.

Adam asks Why Attend Christian Camp? over at The Faughn Family of Four.

Nancy thinks about the glory of God posted at What I Learned Teaching Sunday School.

Jeremy Hobbs highlights CARM – Christian Apologetics Research & Ministry at Jeremy’s Consumer’s Corner.

Sun and Shield offers a summary of a critique of a study by the Institute of Creation Research and the Creation Research Society.

Sundance meditates how every aspect of our life is touched by faith posted at A Girl Named Sundance.

{mosimage}Vulcans are known for their pervasive logic and suppression of all emotion. Thomas wants a break of liturgical adoration from denominational divides over at Everyday Liturgy.

Don Bosch at The Evangelical Ecologist live-blogged Family Research Council’s family policy discussion on global warming last week. Panelists were Jim Ball and Lowell Pritchard with the Evangelical Environmental Network who advocate a strong response to human-caused climate change, and Cal Beisner and Ken Chilton of Interfaith Stewardship Alliance. Beisner and Chilton advocate environmental stewardship that avoids significant economic impacts on the poor, and crafted a rebuttal to EEN’s recent “Urgent Call to Action” on climate change. It was a great discussion and well worth your time. Don has links to the audio too.

Annette shares He who has an ear, let him hear ….. posted at Fish and Cans.

{mosimage}Borg are known for their overpowering sense of consuming unity: resistance is futile, we will add you to the collective. Amanda thinks about Saul, David, and Me over at Imago Dei.

The hard lessons learned from blogging for 5 years at the Anchor Hold.

Richard (of dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos) examines the Circumcision Debate.

Mark Olson’s scattered thoughts on the church and state posted at Pseudo-Polymath.

Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet looks at the Third Charismatic Wave–Again…sigh.

Some ideas about why we should consider our thoughts and actions as offerings to God.

Spirituality side by side: male v. female posted at Generative Transformation.

{mosimage}Humans are by far not the coolest aliens in the Federation but they’re the ones we love to watch get into trouble. Amber Heard sparks thoughts about t he emptiness of atheism posted at Notes in the Key of Life.

This week at Light Along the Journey John considers what deciding to run this morning has to do with fighting temptation in his post The Decision Has Already Been Made.

The ‘Moral Murkiness’ of the Buster Generation posted at Romans 15:4 Project.

Henry Neufeld offers the difficult message of Hebrews that endurance is a requisite of faith; go visit his site at the Participatory Bible Study Blog.

Brain Cramps for God asks When We Pray: Why Do We Pray?

Jeremy Pierce has a defense of Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), whose recent comments on evolution have led to charges that he is irrational and that he uses language in deceptive ways for political purposes posted at Parableman.

{mosimage}Betazoids are known for their amazing ability of empathy
as well as filler episodes filled with lots of smoke, dreams and
damsels in distress. An almost poetic attempt at understanding Christian freedom posted at revolt in the desert.

Tom Gilson muses if all of science had a success rate like Darwinism has had… posted at Thinking Christian.

Think Wink gives us an examination between full and partial preterism in a test case.

Brian Russell of the Real Meal Blog wrote, ” Creation and Mission.” This entry explores the role that creation plays in understanding God’s mission in the Scriptures.

Bill of the Provocative Church gives us 5 good reasons why he shouldn’t lead his wife.

Weekend Fisher comments on a book on Spiritual Direction, particularly the parts on discerning God’s Will.


{mosimage}Ferengi are a suspicious people, focusing on the bottom line
(their personal gain) yet they have all of the multifaceted personalities of
the human race.

Rey (your carnival host and duly noted “chump”) stammers out an answer for someone who (probably successfully) tries to stump him.

ungraspable presents Top Three Writing Lessons From the Bible posted at Savvy Writer.

Ched presents Fearing God and Longing for his Judgment: posted at Says Simpleton.

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