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Christian Carnival 453

Boom! Christian Carnival 453 is UP!


“That’s how I met Denise. Many attendees just want to gather their “”freebies””, food and leave. But Denise needed to talk, so I listened.” Totinh Baggage in Lakeside Lessons

Bob has been considering strategies for memorizing all the psalms of the Hebrew Psalter.

Jeremy Pierce writes “Abortion rights are sometimes taken to be based on an absolute right to refuse the unexpected obligation of caring for one’s own child, but we don’t generally take that right to apply in other cases, particularly with fathers and child support.”

This blog post details how I was lead to Christ through a philosophy course in college. It is apologetic in nature, but is also personal. It will help people to see the relevance of philosophy in bringing some people to the faith, and helping them to come to maturity.

Jennifer Vaughn-Estrada “Christians generally admit that the Gospel of Judas reveals information about ancient gnostic heretical ideas, but that’s where its apparent reliability stops. Is it possible that its writers, flawed in their theology as they were, nevertheless condemned real moral sin and corruption that had infiltrated the Early Church?”

Lenny Esposito notes: Many times I hear from homosexual advocates that homosexuality must be natural because zoologists have observed animals performing homosexual behavior in the wild. This type of reasoning is as preposterous as it is inconsistent.

Mikel interviews a leading expert on the historical Jesus: Dr. Darrell Bock. You’ll learn an accessible way to explain orality in the New Testament, respond to the claim that there were many Messiahs in Jesus’ day, and discover and how to proceed in a spiritual conversation with someone who rejects the idea of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Rick Burns notes God’s Surprises saying “Let’s face it – it’s astonishing that God allows us to be part of what He’s doing on our planet, and He saves some things uniquely for us.”

“There is an argument against the existence of God based upon the problem of pain/evil/suffering. It goes like this: “If God is both good and all-powerful, then He would not allow evil in His creation. Evil exists: therefore, God is either not good, or He is not all-powerful.” Author and pastor Randy Alcorn fires a broadside into that argument with his excellent book, “The Goodness of God.”

How could God allow the Brook to dry up on His faithful prophet? This and many other questions like this flood our minds when we face difficulties. How could God allow such things to happen to us?

You are seated in heavenly places in Christ. The supernatural is natural for a Christian.

It was a miracle that three year old Colton Burpo even survived a ruptured appendix. But what was more miraculous were the stories he began telling in the months and years following his near-death encounter, stories that would make his pastor father scratch his head in wonder and awe. Heaven is for Real book review.

Highways and Bi-Ways

Rebecca writes “We enter the world spiritually dead… . Remember the story of the children of Hamelin who were led away by the magic sound of the Pied Piper’s flute? Someone spiritually dead is a little like that. They are marching along to the music of evil inner powers. They march willingly, but at the same time, the attraction is so strong that they cannot turn away…” in Out of the Ordinary.

Carson wonders if Atheism is a religion.

Challies has a bunch of links in today’s A La Carte. Especially links to kindle deals.

Jason highlights how Calvinism doesn’t kill Evangelism.

A mom sharing her struggles.

Lovin’ minecraft.

Digital Sojourner links to a John Lennox video.

Your Host

I get all metaphorical with Rainbows and Promises, someone looks through the prose and gets into a discussion with me about homosexuality.

Past carnivals can be found here in the archive. Next month, submit your posts here. More about the Christian Carnival here.

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