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Christian Carnival LXXVII: Jedi Edition

Login: Accepted. Data File: Christian Carnival LXXVII (67)

Welcome to the Jedi Holocron. Our system will soon be projecting
text-based information onto your screen regarding a Christian
Carnival.. In our studies of other cultures we are featuring a
Christian so-called Carnival. A series of posts collected from sundry
Christian Web-logs (BLOG). The categories have been organized per Jedi
Master and teaching sub-set. It is our hope that you can further your
studies with the information contained therein. Thank you and have a
nice day.

mace.jpgMace Windu:
Schooled in Jedi philosophy and history, Mace’s wisdom coupled with
experience makes him a key figure on the Jedi council. His words carry
great weight.

qui.jpgQui-Gon Jinn:
An unruly maverick of a Jedi that was never allowed to be put onto the
Jedi Council though he merited it. His approach to the Force was
unique: “Feel, don’t think—use your instincts” and availed him to
aspects of the Force long left unstudied.

A general, a tactician, and extremely wise Master Yoda is a person to
be reckoned with. His wisdom is normally encroached in puzzles,
constantly teaching to have others understand on their own. In his
modesty he never really took a padawan, simply enjoying the wonder of
teaching the younglings before they were paired with a Master.

luke.jpgLuke Skywalker:
Forged in times of need and desperation, Master Skywalker was the
weapon which was aimed at the Sith heart and strength. As he matured
his voice and lightsaber became more reserved, but at need he was a
deadly fighter.

obi.jpgObi-Wan Kenobi:
Obi Wan has seen the worst in good people and the best in the
uncivilized. His experience with both while maintaining levity is
something that paints him as both endearing and able to see things from
various points of view.

mara.jpgMara Jade Skywalker:
A self-trained perfectionist and extremely pragmatic, Mara is able to
accomplish what most Jedi’s only theorize about. Her wit is as quick as
her lightsaber…tread lightly.

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