Clinging to the Cross of Christ

Fine, a lot of Christians don?t believe Christ died on Friday. Even more Christians think that there shouldn?t be a special day marked out for remembering the Lord?everyday should be saturated with thanks giving and praise for what He has done. I applaud those who point out the pagan practices inherit in Easter versus the truth of the Lord?s crucifixion. It still saddens me that I?ve looked across several God-bloggers and have seen more focus on Terry Schiavo than Christ and what He did.

Don?t get me wrong?pointing out the World?s hypocrisy in this case is well and good?but this is a time of year where Christians should be waving the banner of the Crucified and now risen Christ. Here then are several links which point to Christ for introspection, reflection and encouragement.

Joe from Evangelical Outpost posts a Good Friday piece.

Rebecca posts one of my favorite hymns and some Scriptural reflections on the resurrection.

Mike reflects on John 18 and 19 as he looks at the death of an innocent. Stand to Reason also offers similar thoughts.

Doug has us turn our eyes away from men and look at the wondrous cross.

The Thinklings? Jared offers a Good Friday Reflection on the affliction of the body of Christ.

Sozo reflects on Christ?s finished work.

Tim Irvin looks at the 7 sayings of Jesus on the cross.

Jerry thanks God for a good Friday and preaches the gospel.

Catez posts an excellent look at the crucifixion via a news report.

Joey Day has us look at the first passover in remembering Christ our passover.


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