Comfort One Another

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So many people have expressed their support, their prayers, their thoughts for me and my family. I have truly found it incredibly comforting to be able to share these thoughts and prayers with my wife?they are truly, much appreciated.

It is during times like these that I repeatedly realize my own personal shortcomings. Towards my wife, I try to express my pain and at the same time be strong and fail miserably in both respects. I try to decide the words to say or how to phrase any random thoughts in my head and they stop at the tip of my tongue. I see people like Curt and I think that they must be able to say the right thing, do the right thing. It’s times like these that I find that giving hugs is the only way to express anything at all?and I do that poorly as well.

There is no way I can take away the pain or the memory. Mac brought to remembrance the words of David, and it is indeed a great comfort to think that one day I will get to the presence of the Lord and see all of the other children we’ve had that weren’t born and had gone to the Lord early. Sunday School Teacher shared the pain and yet amazing reliance on God found in the righteous man Job.Curt shared a thought on how the Lord Jesus, God Incarnate, was comforted by divine intervention. There are others who have left asounding words of comfort in my comments section…all of you, thank you.

I offer these links for the purpose of perhaps encouraging others who are facing grief and loss. I offer up a prayer that the Lord increases us in the knowledge of His will.


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