Commenting on Commentaries

I can’t say I necessarily like to read commentaries. Sometimes dry as
dust and slipping into foreign languages at the turn of a page, they
can prove to be quite heavy reading. But, they’re still very beneficial
especially if you lend a steady ear to the author’s words instead of
putting up a defensive wall or some such. So, I have a question for you
commentary readers out there…

I’m specifically looking for a commentary on Genesis and I’ve read my
father’s Anchor commentary but I can’t remember a word of it and he’s
geographically further away from me. Jeremy has an immense list of
commentaries (Normal, Intermediate, Advanced) that proves immensely
helpful and this list here is also helpful but I also want to hear from more people. Maybe not just on
Genesis but any other book as well.

Mind you, if I’m going to buy it, I’ll have to know why so if you want
to let me know, that’ll be great. Off the top of my head these are some
of the commentaries and study guides I have:


Walvoord (Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation)

William Kelly
(The Book of Daniel)

Minor Prophets:

HA Ironside
(Minor Prophets)


(According to Luke)


Gooding (True to the Faith)


Cranfield (ICC)
Barnhouse (4 Volume: basically his radio series)
Luther (Commentary on Romans)
Barth (Epistle to the Romans)
(didn’t buy Moo or Stott yet but planning to)

1 Corinthians:

HA Ironside

John Macarthur (1 Cor 12)


William Kelly
(The Epistles to the Thessalonians)


Flannigan (What The Bible Teaches)
Gooding (An Unshakeable Kingdom)


Walvoord (The Revelation of Jesus Christ)

I guess you notice that my commentaries and study guides mostly skew PB
and Dispy, ay? Be that as it may, this is part of my (life-long)
process of building a good library. Call it an investment in eternity
if/when I put them to good use.

So what do you own? What do you think I should own noticing my purchase
habits? Do you have any good recommendations in general and a Genesis
Commentary specifically?


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