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Cultivation -tmp(Genesis 2:5)

We encounter a second problem in this section: the apparent lack of greenery which is in direct contradiction with {{Genesis 1:11, 12}}. Here we have undeniable proof of the Bible being wrong?or do we?

Like we stated earlier, this account seems to be drawing our focus closer towards the created heaven and earth in relation to the Lord God so we must be very careful when jumping to make quick accusations. The contradiction mentioned is the exposure of land in Day three and its subsequent growth of vegetation. Now if we remember Day Three God commanded that the earth sprout vegetation and plants and fruit trees after their kind and it did so forthwith.

Now here, if we?re looking at {{Genesis 2:5}} as chronologically after Day 6 we would have an obvious problem: plants were already created as were man. Since we?ve already noted that this section is giving us some specific details about the heavens-earth story and man has not been created we should assume that the events of this tale are happening sometime before the creation of man on Day 6 and after Day 2.

Now on Day 3 we had land exposed and vegetation growing so perhaps the events of {{Genesis 2:5,6}} relate to what was happening in the time before Day 3?s command of creation and completion of vegetation?but then why jump to Genesis 2:7 (Day 6) with the creation of man?

Well, I can suggest some solutions.

Solution 1 is that Genesis 1:11-12 talks about a long creation in that God commanded the land to bring forth vegetation open parenthesis and it was so closed parenthesis evening, morning. That being the case Genesis 2:5 is talking about a process that is still continuing, God?s command being brought to fruition in the creation of a cultivator.

Solution 2 is that Gen 1:11-12 is talking about the creation of the seed material and the world being populated by the seed material able to bring forth vegetation after it?s kind whereas {{Gen 2:5}} is talking about the need of a cultivator to bring those seed into fruition. Sounds similar to Solution 1 but 1 has man as part of the process which is not yet complete whereas this solution has the seeded world complete and the work of the cultivation needing to be done.

Solution 3 is that Genesis 2:5 is talking about a certain type of plant (shrub of the field and plant of the field) whereas Genesis 1:11-12 is talking about every sort of wild plant and fruit tree after it?s kind. Therefore this section is referring to vegetation for consummation and the first section refers to vegetation for propagation.

All of the solutions have their problems, of course but what interpretation doesn?t. The point isn?t so much to get caught up in the problem of plants and kind (although it?s okay to think on them and be convinced) but to dwell on the need of a cultivator!

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