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Ruth Graham Goes To The Lord

Ruth Graham, wife of Billy Graham, passed on yesterday.

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Warren vs. Harris: Christianity vs. Atheism

Read it over at Newsweek.

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Autism, Television and A Christian’s Responsibility

Mohler (HT: Tim–>Links Below) tells parents to be careful with television and children by first showing an excerpt from recent research showing a statistical relationship with autism and television viewing. People, don’t get me wrong—kids shouldn’t be spending hours in front of the TV, but honestly—Christians, just because you read a bit of research don’t immediately wave it as your banner!

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Churches, Denominations and the Cultural Divide

Protestant denominations are generally divided over creedal lines (since the disagreement over practical issues?sprinkling versus immersion?is improvable and disagreement over theological issues is very often a matter of degree: ie; how involved is the Holy Spirit in worship might reflect more in worship style than a Bible to Bible Cage-Match).

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I Would Rather Die…

Samurai (bushi), Ancient Japan’s military elite, would
rather die in battle than get caught and bring dishonor to their master. In
some cases, this death would come by their own sword by performing seppuku, a
ritual suicide by means of cutting the abdomen not reserved for the Battlefield
but not restricted from it either. The Samurai, while following the Bushido, lead
a life of respect, honor, loyalty and ethical conduct so falling on their sword
was a sign of extreme honor. Or so they said. They were people after all and
sometimes people get funny.