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Berkeley’s Missing Link?

Here’s the link to the source material which I’ve also copied in case it disappears. Here’s another article. I know…old news to you, but I wanted to save it anyway.

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Credit Reports, Fraud and The Christmas Season

It?s just about that time of year again. When, gripped with fear, we wonder if we?ve missed any family members (like our spouse). When, standing transfixed to the credit card statement, we vainly hope that one of these charges is false. The time of year when I sit down to order my annual credit report.

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Kara Borden, Death and the Impact on Lives

Recently there was an amber alert put out for a certain Kara Beth Borden in Pennsylvania. Stuff has been said in the news and by now everyone knows about Kara?s 18 year old boyfriend David G. Ludwig killing Kara?s father. The story meant little to me until my wife hung up the phone Sunday night saying ?My family knows them.?

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Gamepro, The Matrix and the Gospel

I can’t believe it. I was flipping through the October Issue #205 of Gamepro magazine
to see how I can mold some of our ads to better fit in that medium when
I crossed an article about the Matrix that just blew my mind.

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ESV Lovers Unite (and Answer Me or Wayne)

So after I confessed to not particularly liking
the ESV and favoring my
NASB anyday over it I started to wonder: Why is it that so many people
online seem to be embracing it anyway? I mean, one person seems to
think my Bible preference is a "Satanic Roman Catholic perverted piece of garbage " while others think only the KJV
is perfect.