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Well, Sy and Elayna, (and now Breydon) I know you’ve been wondering just when I would get to this. I see the hungry look in your eyes as you ask without knowing “what is the trinity?” Daddy is intuitive with this sort of stuff and I know you’re ready for it.

I’ve talked about it in the past right here on this site (which I notice you guys somehow got to). I could try to tell you that God is sorta like me, one Daddy but I’m also Mommy’s husband, Uncle Ivan’s brother and your Father but that wouldn’t be quite right. You see God is really three different persons…not the same person

That sorta sounds like I’m saying that God is three different people, but that’s not right either because God is One; there is no other God beside Him.

You might think that He’s maybe like Water that can be ice or water or steam; but that’s not right either because although People have seen the Son they haven’t seen the Father and haven’t seen the Holy Spirit (physically anyway). Plus this is just saying that God isn’t three persons; it’s just saying that God is in three different forms.

I used to say that the trinity is like an egg, the shell is part of the egg just like the yellow part and the clear stuff is. Three parts, one egg but that still isn’t quite right because God isn’t completely separate like how the egg can be an egg without the shell and just the whites.

I knowsomeone said that the trinity is like the three dimensions of space (length, width and space) and although you don’t get this right now you’ll eventually find out that there’s potentially even more dimensions of space and that these dimensions are only typified by our perception of space and dimensionality and if we were to exist beyond time and transcend to a higher perceptual plane (perhaps of angelic beings or principalities) we may realize the fourth dimension and perhaps a fifth just as easily as we look at the dual dimensions of paper.

Um, you didn’t understand any of that, but it’s okay. What I mean is that it’s making either the same mistake as the water picture or the egg picture.

I’ve used the example of a pizza pie but not like some other folk have used it (cheese, dough and sauce ’cause you can still have pizza without the sauce–that white pizza that Mommy likes to eat). All pictures really fall short of God and this one makes the mistake of separating it all too much.

Here, try this: Imagine a HUGE pizza pie lying on its side. You’re not over it, you’re next to it and all you can see is the one big slice in front of you, You don’t see any of the other edges, just the yummy crust.

That one big slice tells you all about the rest of the pizza pie and it is the pizza for all it’s worth but you know that it’s just a part of the pizza you can see. You know that the pizza looks good based on that one slice (because it’s part of a whole) and you know that the rest of the pizza will have cheese and sauce; but you can’t figure out how HUGE the pizza is because the slice in front of you is SOOOOO HUGE. And when that slice lets you have a bite you now have a piece of that pizza inside of you. You appreciate the pizza at a whole NEW level–you know it’s yummy, you know it fills you up, you know it leaves you wanting more pizza. The Pizza is inside of you and is part of the whole pizza pie. The slice that you can see and eat is in front of you and it lets you know what the rest of the pie is like and the huge pie that you can’t see, you know it’s there but you also learn more about it based on what you have.

God can be like a HUGE pizza pie on its side but He can’t be like that at all because He’s bigger than pizza (and bigger than anything) and each person of the trinity is different. Yeah you can see Jesus in the Bible. He died on the cross for your sins and mine. He told us about God and said that God loves us, that He loves Us and that whoever believes on Him and the One that God sent will have eternal life. He said that Him and God are one and made this promise: that once we?re saved Jesus gives us His Spirit so that we can talk to God directly and thank Jesus for what He?s done. And although we will one day live forever, we have a new life, an eternal life, starting right now?and we should tell everyone about that New Life and how very good it is!

Okay maybe you guys don?t get this right now. But if you decide to ask me the question here’s your answer in advance.It might not work since, well, no picture is perfect and it only illustrates a bit of the lesson being taught about God. We’ll never “get” the trinity because it’s like the trinity.

Oh and the sky is blue due to Rayleigh scattering as light moves through the atmosphere (made up of several different particles) the blue light rays is absorbed by gas particles and radiated in different directions. This means that other rays get right through (like Ultra-violet) and that?s why you also have to wear sunglasses and sun block no matter if the day is cloudy or not.

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