Getting Tense With Hebrews 1

In the past, I argued against the liberal (or Kenotic Arian) view of Scripture by looking at what the writer to the Hebrews thought about Scripture. I could have argued from Paul, Peter, John and Christ but I was co-opting some of my studies on Hebrews to make the point. Anyway, there was a fundamental […]

Excluded Seed And Abraham

This post has some potentially graphic content. I’ve been asked (in private and public) certain questions about the Abrahamic covenant. One question is If Abraham and his seed are to be blessed, and part of this blessing is The Land, then can we safely assume that all physical descendants of Abraham also receive the blessing? […]

Bird’s Eye View Of Promises

At this point I have to take a step back from the text—but not for the sake of my own view on God’s covenant to Abraham and its historical outworking, rather for clearing out some potentially misconceptions. It is always helpful to consider the details of any situation: which turns to make, which stops are […]

Keeping Promises To Abraham In The OT

Look, I don’t plan to go into explicit detail on this post; there’s just too much: at least fifteen posts worth (that I really don’t want to write). I just want to paint in with broad strokes the way God’s Covenant to Abraham works out historically approaching the Incarnation. I’ll introduce some of these broad […]