First Evangelical Blog Awards Finalist

Cue 20th Century Fox Fanfare

The Finalists for the Evangelical Blog Awards have been
announced with yummy goodies in all categories. Somehow this site has
managed to remain in the running under the Apologetics category and still no
outcry of ?foul!? or ?heretic!?

With such fine apologist?s as Razor?s Kiss, Real Clear
, Joe Missionary and Weapons of Warfare on the field I?m sure that the ?heretic!?
cry may even rise from my own category! Either way, if it makes you ill
thinking that my site can be crowned Best Evangelical Blog in Apologetics make
sure to pray earnestly and get out and vote for one of these other guys during
the allotted two days when the polls are opened. Otherwise, my hands are clean
of this matter.

Also, look forward to the Salon du Refus??my
completely arbitrary and likely fanciful choosing of Blogs not in the Awards!

The Polls are now officially opened! Send in your 1 Vote for any of the fine blogs mentioned or the Archive. Send an email to
with your vote. (Plus check out my sleek new graphic on the Lower Left Hand Corner!)

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