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God’s Undiluted Salvation

Interesting to note that a man who understands the Gospel like no other is one who is especially concerned with the salvation of Israelites. He has not abrogated them to some category of "vessels of wrath" nor has he tossed his hands up as "not chosen before the foundation of the world." Indeed, even in Acts where he wipes the dust off his feet he makes repeated efforts to win them for Christ and here he earnestly prays for them and bears witness of them.

They are zealous for God but not in tune with proper knowledge. Now we can’t deny what was previously said and chalk it up to Israel not knowing the righteousness inherit in the Law—oh they were zealous defenders of it.

Where they stumbled, once again, is the fact that the Law was pointing at a person and at this pivotal point they refused to subject themselves. In so doing a person states that they are incapable of God’s righteousness and such a position is one of complete and total surrender to the only one who can thus save: God.

So Christ is the end of the Law, not in the sense that the Law is being wiped out nor in the sense that parts of the Law are wiped out (like the so-called Ceremonial or Civil part) but rather that Christ is the final stop, the destination, of the Law to everyone who believes. I hate leaving a book to highlight a point that is made elsewhere but in Galatians Paul would point out that the Law is a school tutor that directs the child towards the better end where Christ stands waiting to make the person a functional son.

So this Law that points to Christ points out a fact that a person practicing a righteousness based on that Law must live by that righteousness but the righteousness attained solely by faith is one which realizes that it cannot do It.

This reliance, trusting on God’s righteousness, is one that doesn’t try to create all the solutions to our ultimate need but relies on God’s solutions. It does not try to bring Christ down from heaven or dip into the grave to resurrect Christ. Rather this reliance is something that is nearby, so close that you can taste and feel it which is the word of faith which Paul preaches: confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, not master Lord as some ridiculous debates but rather Deity Lord and actually trust in your being that God actually raised Him from the dead and you will be saved.

The fact is this: that whoever (be it vessels of glory or vessels of wrath, Jew or Gentile) believes in Him will not be disappointed. He is the same Lord God over all and able to do more and beyond for those who call on the name of the Lord.

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