Here and There and Maybe Back Again

Comparing notes on those two surveys I had up, I think
anyone can draw some fairly interesting conclusions albeit unsurprising
ones. So let’s talk through the polls and walk through my wandering

The first poll had 89 voters with 48 of you stating that you
needed 8-9 hours of sleep to be fully rested. The second poll had 91 voters
with 65 of you stating that you really only get 5-7 hours of sleep. That seems
to hint at a bunch of sleep-deprived people who know it.

I guess I can make up whatever reason why folk aren’t
getting their optimal rest. I know my wife’s reason has to do with breast
feeding, an infant and a husband who can sleep through Armageddon if he shuts
his eyes. I can make something up but I won’t.

I could ask people what they’re doing that keeps them up but
there’s so many options to that, how can I limit it on a poll. Maybe put
“entertainment” and “study” and “working” as the three options although a guy
who has a bladder problem is grudgingly going to vote for “working”.

And work is such a relative term really. I mean, I
know…people…who have been looking for work and sending out resumes at night and
they’re not really working on anything but a change of jobs, state and life.
Sure that’s work but it’s also study because there’s a ton of research going on
while that’s happening which may result in the occasional lapse of posting on
his study site. And studying the Bible is also some serious work and yet, it’s
entertainment too (in some sense of the word) where a person is sitting there
with wide eyes and gaping mouth as yet another nugget is revealed.

I’ll tell you what’s not entertaining but downright scary
studious work: researching baby products. I mean, lots of parents don’t
consider the things they get the first time around buying every product that
helps keep their eyes on their kid or keep her stimulated in the hopes of some
super-genius brain jumps. Even being a cynic and an insane researcher (with a
wife who gladly joins in) we still wound up falling for stuff.

For one: that stupid little mirror thing that you’re
supposed to suction to your rear window so you can see Baby not realizing that
you just created the perfect death-flying-projectile towards Baby’s rear-facing-face
during a car accident. Another thing was Baby Einstein. Oh okay, fine we didn’t fall for it in the
hopes of causing brain development but because we thought it was so cool taking
colors and shapes and combining them with classical music: that would make us
Art Geeks too so leave that be.

Anyway, some time ago my wife wasn’t sleeping at all with
our daughter refusing to be anywhere but her comforting arms. That sounds
pretty and sweet and all, but when a person is going on little to no sleep, has
a toddler to entertain in the daytime and a husband who is out of the home—that
becomes a Horror. So we were looking for a baby swing that had some variation
with rocking (side to side and front and back). This thing (the Ocean Wonder…sweet) was fairly safe
(unlike those scary sling/swing things that parents hang on their door) yet we also
knew it wasn’t completely safe. Once my daughter could pull herself up it would
be a problem (thus the search for a great mattress).

Nothing happened so don’t expect that from this
story. She has long left the swing and now sleeps in the crib…but back then, what
did happen was sweet sleep.  My wife embraced it, I reveled in it, my son didn’t
even know it had changed. Sleep happened and now my wife gets a fulfilling
three hours of sleep before having a break to her next two hour sleep then her
next 1 hour sleep. Me I get a full six and a half hours of sleep (to her
extreme chagrin I know).

So as I look over the notes of my surveys I really don’t get
much do I? I mean, it could mean very little or much. Well either way, good
night. Or good morning. Oh whatever. Sleep well.

Someone asked me "how do parents ‘fall’ for Baby Einstein products?" I
guess I didn’t flesh that out. Some parents go out of their way buying
these tv products in the hopes of making their child a genius. Sorry,
that’s not gonna do it. Genetics plays a part, as much as healthy
playing, interactive education and the grace of God.

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