Confusing Baptism with Circumcision in Colossians 2

When looking at baptism, covenantal Reformed types who embrace paedobaptism often employ an argument that ties the covenantal sign of Circumcision to the Covenantal sign of Baptism. The argument goes something like this: Covenantal Theological Support Abraham was circumcised as a sign of his faith-before-circumcision: Romans 4:11 The Church is the true Israel (Romans 9:6-8), […]

The Author to the Hebrews vs. Kenotic Arian View of Scripture

Due to their opponents embracing a faulty anthropology, Evangelicals have often been accused of having a Docetic view of Scritpure. “Come now! Scripture is a human book,” their opponents say “and that necessitates error—not only because humans are sinful (a minor point) but because humans are finite and necessarily make mistakes!” An obvious fallacious conflation […]

Philosophy Friday: A Conversation on Interpretation

“Human, I Am who I Am is speaking to you; Take up your quill and write what the Lord, the God of your Fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, commands you. First: These words—” “—um, wait one moment Sir.” “What’s that? Come again?” “Yes, I’m not quite sure how to get across what you’re talking about.” […]