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Historical Brethren Documents

I’ve come across a bunch of files, and I put them up on my drop box. I think they’re mostly public domain, but since others might find them helpful, I put them up here. Some of these documents are distinctly against PB’s though my list will not make that apparent.

Extensive Bibliography (DOC)

Barber (PDF): Who Are The Brethren

Baum (PDF-German): Origin of the Brethren

Bellet (PDF): Reminiscences

Crowley (PDF)

Darby (PDF): A Letter of Separation

Darby (PDF): Narrative of the Facts

Dronsfiled (PDF): Exclusive Brethren History

Grant (PDF): Heresies and History

Miller (PDF)

Newman (PDF)

Noel (PDF)

Neatby (PDF): History of the Plymouth Brethren

Reid (PDF): Refutation

Reiduoft (PDF)

Teuluoft (PDF)

Teulon (PDF): History and Teaching

Whately (PDF)


On FF Bruce



  • Diagram (JPG): Schisms
  • Diagram (JPG1 and 2): Family Tree
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