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Kara Borden, Death and the Impact on Lives

Recently there was an amber alert put out for a certain Kara Beth Borden in Pennsylvania. Stuff has been said in the news and by now everyone knows about Kara?s 18 year old boyfriend David G. Ludwig killing Kara?s father. The story meant little to me until my wife hung up the phone Sunday night saying ?My family knows them.?

Kara went to camp where my wife and I met. As far as I know, we never met. My sister-in-law though worked with Kara?s older sister?the one who witnessed the murder of her father. Her father was an elder in the assembly that gathers down there in that part of Pennsylvania and as the news ripples through our gatherings of who these people are there are sudden glimmers of recognition.

Tonight I relayed the prayer requests of the people down in PA to one of the elders here in my gathering in NYC. He?s been running around and although he has heard the story he hasn?t really listened to it?even though he has been at that assembly and knows several of the people there.

The Brethren are a small group in the states and sometimes life-roads crisscross. I?m astounded by how the media ?reports? things and similarly surprised by the acidic commentary by some bloggers out there. It?s horrid. I do wonder at what impact this elder?s passing will have though.

It?s amazing the impact a God-driven Christian can have in the lives around him or her. A dear friend of mine lost her mother about a week ago and I heard about it only yesterday. I wasn?t at all surprised that 50 co-workers, hundreds of people from all over the states, flew in for her funeral and that her dying request was that the gospel be preached with power. Randy Amos, you might not have heard of him but this man has been used by the Lord as an evangelist and as a teacher, preached at her funeral and I?m sure God reached many souls that day.

These thoughts are frighteningly uncollected. Only minutes before getting the news I was shaking my head at how our great weekend plans were cancelled by the presence of a respiratory virus in our kids. After hearing about the amber alert, the murder of Brother Borden and his wife and the death of my dear friend?s mom I was amazed at my self-centeredness.

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