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Knowing God

Imagine someone saying that they know your dad and talking about all of the good times they had. The problem is that this person describes your dad with the wrong ethnicity, wrong facial description, wrong body type, the wrong job, and the wrong character. You would rightly conclude that whatever good times this person has had, it is not with your dad.

Good news: God makes Himself known in Scripture! The universal church has learned and been speaking about him in the same way for two-thousand years!

Now, that doesn’t mean all of us know, but it means that information is available for those in a relationship with God. Not by your feelings but by what God has said in Scripture.

Three verses are important here:

  • Jeremiah 9:23-24 says that anyone’s single crowning hope and boast is that they understand and know God.
  • says that the Scripture was given for this very purpose. God revealed Himself so that we are ready to work.
  • 1 Timothy 3:15 says that the universal church, not you as an individual, are the pillar of truth. So what we know about God is defended by the universal church as a whole over these thousands of years.

Do you know God as He is? Are your beliefs in accord with Scripture and what the church has held onto for two thousand years? As a member of the “pillar of truth”, how can you grow in the knowledge of Him?

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