Online Dictionary: Geeking-Frenzy

Geeking-Frenzy (verb) gee-king frehn-zee : The activity that
occurs on a message board or blogging portal where a commenter responds to the
post with a ?Geek Ref? (reference from Geekdom history, culture or vernacular).
This single post will inevitably draw other Geeks via search engines or sheer
Irresistible Geek-Grace to post in an exponentially geekier manner. The
activity usually is harmless but creates such a Geek-stench that Norms (normal
people) find themselves repulsed by the posts and may steer clear from a blog
(web log)  for days if not weeks.

[Of import, this is not sparked by ?Trolls? which are
usually quite violent and always turn whatever post back to their pet-topic and
damnations on all who deny them]

Irresistible Geek-Grace: Geekeological term. Firmly places
the free will of an actively-seeking-to-speak Geek under the drawing power of
girls, the chance to trump Norms, or anything from Geekdom (technology, comics,

From your friendly resident Geek.

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