Outline of Titus

Character Profile: Titus

  • Paul instrumental in his salvation (Titus 1:5)
  • Mentioned by Paul as seemingly known by the Galatians (Gal 2:1-3)
  • Went with Paul to Jerusalem (Gal 2:1-3) likely on the matter of circumcision in Acts 15 perhaps as
  • Titus, an uncircumcized Greek who wasn?t compelled by his adversaries to get circumcized. (Gal 2:3);
  • Attesting to his strong character Paul even states that Titus walked in the same spirit and step as himself (2 Cor 12:18)
  • He was to meet Paul at Troas (2 Cor 2:12)
  • Made a beginning of a work in Corinth (perhaps in relation to the gift offering) and he was subsequently urged to complete in the Corinthians this gracious work (2 Cor 8:6)
  • Was sent to Corinth by Paul (2 Cor 8:16-22, 2 Cor 12:17; 2 Cor 12:18)
  • Was received with trembling and love by the Corinthians (2 Cor 7:15)
  • His love of the Corinthians increased from this experience (2 Cor 7:15)
  • Met up with Him in Macedonia and proved to be a great comfort (2 Cor 7:5-6)
  • Comforted the workers, himself and Paul (2 Cor 7:7) by seeing the earnest desire of the Corinthians towards Paul
  • Found his spirit refreshed by the Corinthians (2 Cor 7:14)
  • Paul calls him his partner and fellow worker among the Corinthians (2 Cor 8:23)
  • Left to do a work in Crete (Titus 1:5)
  • Was to rejoin Paul in Nicopolis (Titus 3:12)
  • Perhaps went to Rome, but eventually seems to have left Paul and went to Dalmatia?the reason is not explained (2 Tim 4:10)

Paul?s purpose on writing the letter:

1)????? To encourage Titus to complete the work he was commanded to do. Unlike the work at Corinth, Titus may be growing weary of the Cretians and the Judaizers.

a.?????? So that Titus can establish elders in the church

i.????? Men of Sound doctrine
ii.????? So that the church is sound
iii.????? Portraying a pattern of good works

1.????? being gentle

b.????? To stop the mouths of the Vain Talkers and Judaizers

?i.????? So that the leaders are sound
ii.????? So that the church is orderly
iii.????? And focused on good works and the glorious appearing instead of worldly lusts and useless discussions

1.????? and not argumentative

2)????? To have Titus come to him at Nicopolis upon the arrival of Artemas or Tychicus

3)????? To have Titus send Zenas the lawyer and Apollos to Paul in Nicopolis


The Divisions of the Letter:


??????????? Definition of Paul?s source of apostleship

??????????? By God, through the Savior

??????????? To Titus, son in this same faith

(1:5) Purpose of Titus? work (perhaps answering a question)

??????????? Left in Crete

??????????? To put in order what was left unordered

??????????? Ordain elders (1:6-16)

??????????????????????? (1:6-9) Characteristics of elders

??????????????????????????????????????????????? blameless

??????????????????????????????????????????????? steward of God

??????????????????????????????????????????????? not self-willed

??????????????????????????????????????????????? not soon to angry

??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? not given to wine

??????????????????????????????????????????????? no striker

??????????????????????????????????????????????? not given to filthy lucre

??????????????????????????????????????????????? lover of hospitality

??????????????????????????????????????????????? lover of good men

??????????????????????????????????????????????? sober

??????????????????????????????????????????????? just

??????????????????????????????????????????????? holy

??????????????????????????????????????????????? temperate

??????????????????????????????????????????????? holding fast the faithful word

??????????????????????????????????????????????? taught in the faithful word

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ability by sound doctrine to convince gainsayers

??????????????????????????????????????????????? not giving heed to fables or men?s commandments

??????????????????????????????????????????????? action in tune with their words

??????????????????????? (1:10-14) In direct contrast to

??????????????????????????????????????????????? those who are unruly

??????????????????????????????????????????????? who are vain talkers

??????????????????????????????????????????????? deceivers

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Judaizers

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Subverting whole houses

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Teachers of what they ought not to teach

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Teaching for filthy lucre

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Ill reputation (as a liar, evil beast and slow belly)

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Ill testimony due to their ill reputation

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Giving heed to Jewish fables

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Giving heed to commandments of men

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Turning from the truth

??????????????????????? (1: 15 ? 2:1) Sound testimony

??????????????????????????????????????????????? to those who are unbelievers, nothing is pure

??????????????????????????????????????????????? they make a profession of knowing God but not in works

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Titus, as an establisher of leaders, must stick to the good

??????????? Speak Sound doctrine (2:1-3:11)

??????????????????????? (2:2-7) Sound doctrine in behavior

??????????????????????????????????????????????? aged men to be sober, sound in faith, in patience

??????????????????????????????????????????????? aged women, sound in holy behavior, teaching good things

??????????????????????????????????????????????? young women to be taught to be sober and sound in action

??????????????????????????????????????????????? young men to be exhorted to be sober minded

??????????? ??????????????????????????????????? sincere in every action, showing incorruptness

??????????????????????? (2:7-10) Sound doctrine in speech

??????????????????????????????????????????????? not condemned because backed by sound action

??????????????????????????????????????????????? puts to shame those who are contrary

??????????????????????????????????????????????? servants under masters to please in all things, not arguing

??????????????????????????????????????????????? showing good loyalty and adorning doctrine of God in all

??????????????????????? (2:11-14) In relation to Christ

??????????????????????????????????????????????? God?s grace which brings salvation appeared to all men

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Taught that:

???????? Denying ungodliness

???????? Denying worldly lusts

???????? A person should live soberly

???????? A person should live righteously

???????? A person should live godly

???????? Not only in spirit, but in action?in this world

???????? Looking forward to the blessed hope, the appearing

???????? Of the Lord Jesus Christ

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Jesus Christ gave himself in action to:

???????? redeem from iniquity

???????? purify unto himself a peculiar people

???????? a people who are zealous of good works

??????????????????????? (2:15) With authority

??????????????????????????????????????????????? speak these things

??????????????????????????????????????????????? exhort these things

??????????????????????????????????????????????? rebuke in light of all this

??????????????????????????????????????????????? let no man despise you in this work

??????????????????????? (3:1-2) Sound in subjection to others

??????????????????????????????????????????????? to principalities and powers

??????????????????????????????????????????????? to obey magistrates

??????????????????????????????????????????????? to be ready to every good work

??????????????????????????????????????????????? speaking evil of no one

??????????????????????????????????????????????? not being a brawler

??????????????????????????????????????????????? being gentle and meek to all men

??????????????????????? (3:3-7) Sound in understanding of self

??????????????????????????????????????????????? we were foolish

??????????????????????????????????????????????? we were disobedient

??????????????????????????????????????????????? we were deceived

??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? we served divers lusts and pleasures

??????????????????????????????????????????????? we lived in malice and envy

??????????????????????????????????????????????? we were hateful and hated one another

??????????????????????????????????????????????? but, the kindness of God appeared

??????????????????????????????????????????????? and in mercy God saved us

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Saved by the washing of regeneration

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Saved by the renewing of the Holy Ghost

??????????????????????????????????????????????? The Holy Spirit shed on us through Jesus Christ

??????????????????????????????????????????????? By grace, justified, and made an heir

??????????????????????? (3:8 – 11) Continually Sound

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Believers in God must be careful to maintain good works

??????????????????????????????????????????????? This is good and profitable to men

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Avoid foolish questions which hamper

???????? Questions on genealogies

???????? Contentions and strivings about the law

???????? These are unprofitable and vain?empty look

??????????????????????????????????????????????? Avoid heretics which also hamper

???????? Admonish twice then reject

???????? Heretics thus admonished are subverted, sinning

???????? And condemning themselves

(3:12-3:15) Closing????

??????????? Come to Nicopolis to meet up with Paul (3:12)

??????????? To send Zemas the lawyer and Apollos quickly (3:13)

??????????? Exhort those of our group to maintain good works (3:14)

???????? So that they are not unfruitful

??????????? All that are with Paul say hello

??????????? Say hello to all those in the faith

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