Prayer Mondays: Tough Giving Thanks


On Mondays, I usually post some sort of Prayer. This Monday, I want to post my own thanks to God who is in charge. Some of these things I have learned to be thankful for in retrospect. Other things on this list I’m definitely not sure about, but I’m hoping I can thank God without gritted teeth. My aim is to put down a marker in hope.

I’m thankful for a wife who snaps back at me: she has the strength to ensure I don’t walk over her and the wherewithal to manage a house of rambunctious kids.

I’m thankful for three kids that are smart, loud, energetic and annoying: it will likely be something I hold onto in my later years when I start (or continue) to forget.

I’m thankful for the times I thought I would die from asthma: it helps me understand my daughter and my son when they’re having an attack.

I’m thankful that my wife and I opted for the non-well-paying arts careers: our home is full of drawings, color, rhythm and music.

I’m thankful for a considerable lack of money: it makes me appreciate help, gifts, and freelance projects whenever any of those come in.

I’m thankful that what I do have is still more than most people in the world and I’m thankful that that embarasses me.

I’m thankful for vehicles with too many miles and people with open hands: if they didn’t get that high, people wouldn’t feel comfortable giving them away.

I’m thankful for the 1%: they pay over 55% of the national taxes since the rest of us (who work) can’t cover it and wouldn’t even if we could.

I’m thankful for rainy days and Mondays for several reasons, Karen Carpenter being one of them.

I’m thankful for having to move to Connecticut: I probably would never have gotten a chance to preach there otherwise (still might not).

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