apologetics reviews

The Universe Next Door (Sire)

This review is on the Second Edition of the book, copyright
1988. The fourth edition
does include a major update (a carry over from the third edition)—an entire section on post-modernism and if
you’re looking to read a copy of the book that would be the one.


Rey’s Reviews: True To The Faith (Gooding)

What’s the Point of the Book?
To offer a refreshing commentary on the book of Acts, that doesn’t
follow a verse by verse format but looks more at literary structure. In
so doing, David Gooding aims to establish some facts about the
beginnings of Christianity, highlight features in the text that show a
separation from Judaism and differences with naturalism, differences
with spiritualism and what the Christian attitude should be in this
world. Basically, Luke has a point in writing the letter and it’s not
merely listing the historical beginnings of Christianity.


Rey’s Reviews: Christian Baptism (Gibbs)

I’ll be reviewing this title that is copyrighted 1966. A.P. Gibbs is a
pretty well known writer and teacher within Plymouth Brethren circles
so I wonder how I’ll approach this…


Rey?s Reviews: Exegetical Fallacies (Carson)

I have the second edition of this book so my comments are directed at that volume.


Much Ado About Nothing (and Book Reviews)

I do a bunch of it and I readily admit that I don’t do enough of it. I’m often
upset when I don’t get to read my Bible or if a book sits on my computer or if
I finally do invest some time in reading a book it winds up severely stinking.
Can’t stand that. I need a poll-site for books.