Good Children’s Storybook Bible

I recently heard Don Carson recommend a children’s Bible which I immediately added to our Amazon shopping list. It is called the Jesus Storybook Bible and it is downright amazing. It tries to be faithful to the actual Biblical text while giving a unified overview of the Bible to show how it all hangs together. This isn’t the silly children’s storybooks that have some cheesy story about Adam and Eve disobeying and God being sad. The writer says that the Bible is a story about Jesus so when she tells the story of the Fall, she makes it a very sad ending but highlighting how it wasn’t the end: God did something and it was tied to Something that was coming.


Seriously, if you have kids, do yourself a favor and pick up this book.

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Basic Breakdown of the Psalms: A Book Review

Zondervan has published another addition their Essential Bible Companion series, this time focusing on the Psalms. This Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms, by Brian L. Webster (associate professor of Old Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary) and David Beach ( a licensed counselor who teaches psychology and spiritual formation courses at Cornerstone University) clocks in at 185 pages and does no less than cover every Psalm coupled with several charts. They sent me the book to review it, and here it goes.


New Perspective on Paul Reading List

Not too long ago, I created a list on worldcat with the must-read titles on the New Perspective On Paul since this isn’t new with N.T.Wright (although his version of it is new). I created this post (based on my list) with the intent of bolding the material that I have read and updating it (since it is harder to keep track on that on worldcat than on my own blog). I may also create blog posts stated the position, not reviewing the books, but no promises.

I placed them in order of publishing since that is my preferred order of reading (even if I don’t adhere to that as a hard rule).


Presidential Debate 2008

Before the Debate
We’re going to see some annoying banter no doubt: like Obama’s 8 houses comment and I have a feeling McCain has a response (probably in regards to Obama’s ridiculously priced house). McCain often does a good job with in your face sincerity but Obama does a good job of quick thinking on his toes which I think will be problematic (since he often answers without answering and McCain often fires from the hip leaving his comments open to real examination).

I have a feeling Obama will win but not on substance, rather on quick verbal skills and the mutant ability to turn self into rubber and others into glue.

As for the Bailout, all Obama is going to do is say how the Reps were denying the additions to the bailout package that would benefit a wider category than the rich companies with the deep pockets and the bad fiscal responsibility. Probably will use it as a starting point for some renewed (and likely potentially dangerous) renewed regulation. Let’s see how close I was:


Church History in Plain Language By Shelley

BOOK: Church History in Plain Language by Bruce L. Shelley

REVIEW SUMMARY: Decent overview in very easy language.

MY RATING: [rating:4]

OVERVIEW: A basic overview of church history in readable English, good to read and helpful but only a primer on a very complicated subject. Definitely pick it up if you’re looking to do research or plan to teach and need some refreshers.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Perfect introduction to church history, easily accessible with plenty of references to introduce the reader to further study.