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What’s Wrong With the KJV (or Other Bible Versions)?

Have you wondered why the King James Version uses words that aren’t in any other version? Or why some verses you read make no sense (like James 2:3)? Have you ever heard “The Holy Spirit has preserved the Word of God so as to give us this Authorized Version”? Or have you heard that others…

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Good Children’s Storybook Bible

I recently heard Don Carson recommend a children’s Bible which I immediately added to our Amazon shopping list. It is called the Jesus Storybook Bible and it is downright amazing. It tries to be faithful to the actual Biblical text while giving a unified overview of the Bible to show how it all hangs together.…

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84 Day Bible Reading Plan

Last year I did a fairly expedited reading plan that was planned for 90 days but wound up taking longer. This year, I’ve set up an 84 Day reading plan which will push harder for an earlier completion but if I miss a day or two, it shouldn’t result in missing the 90 day read.…

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