New Perspective on Paul Reading List

Not too long ago, I created a list on worldcat with the must-read titles on the New Perspective On Paul since this isn’t new with N.T.Wright (although his version of it is new). I created this post (based on my list) with the intent of bolding the material that I have read and updating it (since it is harder to keep track on that on worldcat than on my own blog). I may also create blog posts stated the position, not reviewing the books, but no promises.

I placed them in order of publishing since that is my preferred order of reading (even if I don’t adhere to that as a hard rule).

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The Preached Gospel and the Resurrection

We know this portion of Corinthians, 1 Corinthians 15: Paul answers the question about the resurrection of the dead. We hear it at funerals. We hear it at wakes. But what about the question of the resurrection of the dead? Well, the answer usually goes: they didn’t believe  it.

Yet in what sense they didn’t believe it, I think, is pertinent to today. For today there are many people, even Bible believing people, that hold to a resurrection and a life that is so totally disconnected to this life and reality that it separates the two. A resurrection, they might say, is fine—just not the one that people keep talking about.