Presidential Debate 2008

Before the Debate
We’re going to see some annoying banter no doubt: like Obama’s 8 houses comment and I have a feeling McCain has a response (probably in regards to Obama’s ridiculously priced house). McCain often does a good job with in your face sincerity but Obama does a good job of quick thinking on his toes which I think will be problematic (since he often answers without answering and McCain often fires from the hip leaving his comments open to real examination).

I have a feeling Obama will win but not on substance, rather on quick verbal skills and the mutant ability to turn self into rubber and others into glue.

As for the Bailout, all Obama is going to do is say how the Reps were denying the additions to the bailout package that would benefit a wider category than the rich companies with the deep pockets and the bad fiscal responsibility. Probably will use it as a starting point for some renewed (and likely potentially dangerous) renewed regulation. Let’s see how close I was:

During the Debate

  1. First Factual error: we’re not going through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Maybe since World War 2. Deregulation has begun since the late 70’s early 80s–not the Bush era.
  2. Isn’t money put at risk a real risk if you don’t know you might get it back?
  3. Good job of McCain of ignoring the swipe and focusing on the real problems that are occurring. I wish he focused more on the question rather than the head nods at how awesome it is they’re all working together.
  4. McCain shouldn’t say “sure” to wave off questions from the panel. That just comes off real bad in print especially if it later on it comes out that the bailout package is really bad.
  5. McCains humor comes out very dry. The man has a problem with delivery but you get a sense of sincerity as he speaks.
  6. McCain’s tax plan is pretty annoying with the breaks on the higher tax bracket. That bit about doing it to keep companies in America doesn’t hold water when its not only the Business Tax that sends business out East. Cost of labor, corporate oversight…yadda yadda.
  7. Be that as it may, Obama’s tax plan sounds like a fairy tale: lowered taxes for everyone, increases in spending and none of it coming from taxes…just by closing loopholes. Every time I’ve tried to read and understand his tax plan I’m just left scratching my head. At least he specified who he won’t tax.
  8. This Energy Independence plan of Obama effectively does nothing. It’s just more money to research options with no incentive to move towards those options. How is he going to build a new electric grid without the alternate energy in place? I really don’t get that.
  9. Too funny, Obama outright says that his hunt for alternate energy may have parts that they can’t do! At least he’s honest about it….
  10. . I seriously don’t get that “Obama admits that the economy slowing down will effect [sic] tax revenue. Does he think that doubling the taxes on employers is going to speed it up?” (Quoting ApoloJedi). If anything it sounds like motivation for more job cuts.
  11. . Man, McCain does really well when dealing with the war. Not surprising, just saying. Probably anyone will look schooled when they have this veteran saying “you don’t know the difference between strategy and tactics.”
  12. . Was it scary that McCain just told the truth but it was a crazy scary truth?

    “If you’re gonna do that you don’t say that out loud…You do what you gotta do…erm…you work with the Pakistanis….”

  13. . EEP! Obama should NOT have just said that about him wanting to attack Pakistan! We definitely have a problem there but my WORD the stuff he’s saying is like raising the crusade banners for the world to see!
  14. . I actually like both of their sincerity in dealing with the war. I gotta say that McCain is owning house when it comes to this topic.
  15. . I can’t believe that McCain just pointing out the KGB in Putten’s eyes.
  16. . Obama turns it back to a subject he thinks he’s strong on. But his alternate energy plan sounded really shaky earlier.
  17. . McCain’s offshore drilling will not help the costs in the short run. It still takes time, albeit not as long as discovering new alternate fuel.
  18. . Obama clarifies supporting Nuclear energy by saying “okay with nuclear waste as long as we have safe storage”. Nuclear energy, though powerful, scares me. The Waste stays around a loooong time.
  19. . So far Obama’s said he’d attack Pakistan, talk with Iran, have a cold war against China and deal sternly with Russia. Wow.
  20. . Good debate, both of them were very sincere with their topics. I think McCain did better when dealing with the war and they were both even when dealing with the economy.

Closing thoughts: Good debate, both of them were very sincere with their topics. I think McCain did better when dealing with the war and they were both even when dealing with the economy.

McCain surprised me on how well he spoke in dealing with all the issues. Obama did a really great job of actually putting down some very solid points on his position.

All in all, good debate: both of them brought their positions pretty ably to the table. I personally think McCain did somewhat better and specifically because Obama didn’t push as hard in some things and in other areas (security) McCain’s history brought in some serious weight.

I’m surprised they didn’t deal as much with the bailout package and both did a slicky job at avoiding it early on. The Debate was good and it surprised me.

One closing bullet: I think its unfortunate that people are complaining that there wasn’t more talk about education when the topic for this debate has long been stated as being focused on foreign policy.

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