The Book of Romans Part 6 (2:1-16) Being a Good Person

Although the person Paul is addressing has changed, the argument is still continuing underneath the same thought flow. The thought-flow being how God is found just, in this particular case, by the fact that He judges. God’s righteousness, it said in chapter one was seen in the fact that He judges all unrighteousness. In the […]

The Book of Romans Part 5 (1:18-32) Progression of Rejection

We broach today’s subject with our continued reliance on the Lord for guidance and wisdom in our studies. This portion may very likely be one of the most powerful passages in scripture delineating the wrath of God and also often misused. It has been used to show how God hates homosexuality and also used to […]

First John

reynaldo reynoso (admin) The Purpose of the Letter So that you know the truth in opposition to the seducers (2:26), so that your joy may be full (1:4) in understanding that being a believer in the name of the Son of God assures your eternal life (5;13) thus securing your understanding so you stand unashamed […]

The Epistolic Thought Flow and Church Relationships

reynaldo reynoso (admin) Refering to IreneQ’s post once more:: ?church is all about relationships (something my previous pastor has always said) and that in cell groups you get to build those relationships — and it’s those relationships which will keep you in the church and help you to feel a part of it. I am […]

The Book of Romans–Part 2 (v1-2) A Slave of Christ

Let us continue this next section by leaning on the Lord for guidance and understanding in this study. We left off making some preliminary commentary on the righteousness of God defended in the book of Romans, or in other words, how God is justified or declared right. Before we enter the courtroom of the book […]