The Book of Romans–Introduction to a Study on God being Justified

We begin with the knowledge and understanding that we will rely on the Lord for guidance in this study. It’s been my hope for a while to have some in-depth Bible studies in the Archive, but I have encountered several problems. Firstly, when it comes to an actual book study, I really haven’t been able […]

Outline of Titus

Character Profile: Titus Paul instrumental in his salvation (Titus 1:5) Mentioned by Paul as seemingly known by the Galatians (Gal 2:1-3) Went with Paul to Jerusalem (Gal 2:1-3) likely on the matter of circumcision in Acts 15 perhaps as Titus, an uncircumcized Greek who wasn?t compelled by his adversaries to get circumcized. (Gal 2:3); Attesting […]